Welcome to the app of Everything for Everyone, Everywhere, and Everyday! Weeee is currently geared towards the social aspects of your life, but Weeee has so much more coming. Take a look below.

Social Media

Just like your favorite social media sites you can post your favorite pictures and videos. Unlike other social media platforms, Weeee will not continuously feed you more and more content. Scrolling in an upward direction provides new content you have not seen. Scrolling downward will replay things you have already seen. You have the ability to only see what your friends are posting or the whole world, the decision is yours. For now, there is no advertising, but when Weeee does introduce advertising, we’re going to add a twist nobody has ever seen!


Our Weeee Bar Widget allows you to find bars closest to you. You can also search for bars in unique ways by clicking on the settings tab. Not sure where to go tonight, our bar widget will show you where your friends are, the male/female ratios, and age demographics. The more people that join Life Widgets, the more relevant this feature will become. Don’t want anyone to know where you are, just check the “hide me” checkbox.


Our flirts feature is unlike any other product on the market. Have you ever been in a grocery store, hardware store, bar, or restaurant and wondered if the cute person you just walked past was single? Now you can find out with Weeee Flirts. Weeee allows you to set your distance to as low as 50 feet, thus allowing you to meet single people in your general vicinity. No more conversing with people for weeks only to find out the person you eventually meet looks nothing like who you thought they were. See someone you like, click the heart button and that person will be notified. They like you back and the messaging feature will be enabled. Women have a special button that gives men the green light to approach.

Live Music

The Weeee Live Music Widget allows you to find live music in a location close to you. In addition, you can also find your favorite DJs. You can even book your favorite bands for private events right on the Life Widgets app. Found a band or DJ you like, quickly add them to your favorites tab to easily find future events.


The Weeee Friends Widgets is like no other social media platform and allows you to add friends and family members. What makes our product a little different is that you can classify new connections as friends, family, business associates, co-workers, customers, or followers. When posting on the Social widget, you have the option to only allow a certain group of your contacts to see your social posting.


The Weeee Groups Widget allows you to create and join groups. You can see the groups you’ve created as well as the groups you’ve joined. Want to make a posting only your group members can see, click on the plus button in the upper right-hand corner, and your group members will be notified.


The Weeee Messages Widget allows you to communicate with anyone on the platform via text, voice, or video. You can even set up group messaging and message multiple people at once. Your communications are secure and never monitored on Weee.


The Weeee Events Widget allows you to find events happening in your area as well as create events you would like to host. You can add these events to your calendar and invite your friends to join you.


The Calendar widget is a convenient place to keep track of all the events you have committed to attending. In addition, you can create a calendar event from the calendar widget as well.

My Band

The Weeee My Band Widget allows bands and DJs the ability to create a profile and create events. Your events will then show in the Live Music widget and people will know when and where you are playing. Customers also have the ability to see your rates and book you from the Live Music widget.

My Bar

The Weeee My Bar Widget allows bar owners to create a profile with images, hours, and location. Consumers can then find your bar when searching for bars. Soon we’ll have the ability to list your menu offerings with the ability to order directly through the app and cashless transactions directly to the customer’s credit card.